S-T-R-E-S-S by Carissa Nelson

Posted: May 12, 2009 by carissan11 in Carissa
It is present,
undeniable because it overwhelms you to the point of,
Like a lump in your throat,
it clogs your inner-being,
enabling you to function as normally as you would.
Girls, Sex, Alcohol, School, Friends, Family, Jesus Christ,
anything else you would like to add?
Please do so in a manner likely to add pressure to my everyday life.
It would be nothing new.
Trust in him?
Yes, I do,
but is that enough?
Negatory it seems.
I feel as if the walls are going to crash any time now,
ensconcing me in rubbish forever.
it would be nothing new.
Years, months, weeks, days:
whatever time it has been there,
it has always been there:
in the back of your mind, building until it is ready to surmount,
show itself, and drop you to the floor.







It engulfs you until the end.     

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