Peace to You

Posted: May 11, 2009 by desirae13 in Desirae

By:Desirae Akers

Peace to you wonderful lake

peace to all that makes you great

peace to all that surrounds you


A blessing on the flowers

Tall, small and,  sweet scented

that cover over the land with their perfect textures.


A blessing to the trees

 that give the perfect shade of comfort

and hang just enough over the lake.


A blessing to the dirt road

walked on many days

by those who do a lot of thinking.


A blessing to the fish

that give us that excitement when they jump

out of calm waters, when it’s quite


A blessing on everything

to the small birds that sing us songs in the morning, to the ducks and their babies

that cascade around waters, to the geese whom we’ll never bother, soft sand,

the mountain side view, to the pine tree that stands alone.

On everything that makes up the wonderful lake.


A blessing to the lake

that’s still and calming, a beautiful site that ties everything together,

to the soothing sound it makes when it slightly crashes against the sand.


Peace to you wonderful lake;

To the beauty that lies around you.


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