A blessing on my second home

Posted: May 8, 2009 by alexbestep in AlexE, Uncategorized

A Blessing on my second home

By Alex Estep



Peace to you home of comfort

Peace to you support and cheerfulness

Peace to you laughter and joy

A blessing on all beds, warm and inviting,

Helping rest us for the next morning

A blessing on all candles, short and tall

Embracing the entire home in a warm fragrance

A blessing on all phones, cellular and landlines

Keeping us in touch with those we care for

A blessing on the dogs, guards of the home

Keeping the territory clear of uninvited guests

A blessing on the doorbell, on pictures, computers, on strobe lights, on all that seems to keep us entertained

A blessing on this grass: green and lush beneath my feet

Where this house was first built, where this house will remain

Peace be on you home of comfort, peace on this land, where it all began.

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