Rambling Autobiography

Posted: March 10, 2008 by lcbelcher in Lindsey

I was born at the height of chaos in my mother’s life. 10 month and 8 days after my sister was born. I adore romanctism and independent music with all my heart, and splurge on it. My favorite shirt has holes in it, with a rather large one in the left shoulder, but it’s most comfortable so I love it anyhow. I’ve lied to my parents, but more importantly, I have lied to myself. I’m an introverted nerd whose helpfulness and compassion have been abused too many times; I seek no pity, though. I respect nature, but not enough to stop polluting it; this makes me a hypocrite. I like to say I’m independent, but I still like to crawl on my mommy’s bed and watch television with her. I’m nice to someone I no long like nor respect for a friend’s happiness. I’m a good person in my heart. In my heart, I want to find a good person…..


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