My favorite memory

Posted: February 21, 2008 by eltee in Eltee

Do you remember?  I do.

It was August

The night was warm, and humid,

The front porch a dark, safe sanctuary

You sat in the rocker,

she on the bench

I rested on the top step 

legs stretched down

Elbows on knees

We forgot the wine in our glasses

As our laughter vibrated in the night. 

The light from living room windows gleamed mellow, and golden

Soft and warm over the scene

And flickering candles at the edge of the deck

Shadowed the rest of the earth

Until it seemed we three were cocooned

In the dark of our laughter’s safety at the heart of the Appalachians 

We talked of summers past

And winters

Of workAnd play

And future plans

We giggled

And made jokes

And wished on a shooting star. 

Do you remember?  I do.

It remains a stronger image

Than any memory I’ve ever pursued.   


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