Fifth grade softball

Posted: February 20, 2008 by vmkimler in Virginia

Fifth-grade softball

I signed up to play softball

I did it because I thought it would be fun

I did it because I needed something to do

I did it to prove that I could play at least one sport

I did it to try and fit in

I did it for someone else

I did it for the friends I didn’t have.

I showed that I could play, even if it wasn’t well

I showed that I was willing to open up

                To make friends

I showed my mom that I could be like her

                Make her proud of me


                I didn’t like it

Because I didn’t think it was fun

Because it took up time that I wanted to spend elsewhere

Because I couldn’t play as well as the others


                I did fit in

                I did it for the friends I made


                I guess along the way it got better.

                I guess I did it for myself…


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