Eighty Eight Nirvana

Posted: February 19, 2008 by eltee in Eltee

It’s just me, the piano, and the rhythm

the eighty-eight ivories serenade

as my touch brings forth their melodies

staccato, grace note, trill

The crescendo roars

And I’m lost in the tones of treble and bass

Rests compose the negative space

Of the music

And positive space emerges from




The elusive sixteenth

And the eighths paired with dotted quarters

 My brain has no need to deliberate

there is no mental recall

my hands have taken over

the fingers find their homes

of their own volition  

The final note resounds

a bass consummation

and I slowly find myselfsurrounded

by the mundane sameness

of the silent house.

  1. vmkimler says:

    I really love this poem. When you were reading it to us in class I could just hear the sound of a grand piano being played. It’s very calming and serene. I also love the title; the word “Nirvana” has always been extremely appealing to me for some reason. This is one of my favorites, no doubt. ^^