I am from

Posted: February 5, 2008 by kaci333 in Kaci

I am from grandparents who live to protect
from fast cars and starry summer nights
from love in October and heartbreak in May

I am from three houses with only one home
from estranged parents and new ones who love
from a crazy younger brother I’d give my life for
from late nights awake thinking in circles

I am from fried chicken on Sunday afternoons
and Grandfather’s comforting mashed potatoes
from stubborn old men and God-loving old women
from ups and downs and all-arounds
from huge green recliners and teddy bears galore

I am from this message will self-destruct
from Porkchop and Patty Mayonaise
from The Sandlot and ruby red slippers
from Saturday morning carttons with my dad

I am from red hair and green eyes
from drinking songs and intoxicated tales
from the pub to the spuds
from emerald hills of home

I am from family, so big and bright

  1. Andréa Santos says:

    Kaci…Great Blessings to You ! Wow! I adore you “I Am From” poem.

  2. porter08 says:

    wow..I def. love this peice..to be honest, this piece reminds me of myself when I was younger…My fav. is “From the pub to the spuds, from the emerald hills of home”. That makes me wan to “go home”..lol