The Rising Sun

Posted: February 4, 2008 by porter08 in Aaron



I sit atop the Mountain,


I notice the beauty of all God’s Creation.

The still quiet of a cool, breezeless dawn.


The deafing, ear-splitting sound of nothing,


as I watch the lavender sky, peppered with maroone, gossamer


clouds dancing in the east.


I see the eastern horizon being more enlightened.


And with a massive explosion of light,

the sun shows His face.


Bringing with Him,.. life.


As like a shockwave,


a gentle, but firm reassuring breeze sweeps the land.


Leapping atop the mountains


and snaking through the valleys.


The mighty oaks come alive and tell me their stories, and secrets of the forrest,


through the creaking and the wooshing of their fingers.


I am overcome with a sense of warmth.


Knowing that I am not in control.


But the one being cared for.


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