So I cried

Posted: January 31, 2008 by lcbelcher in Lindsey

It seems that some days I can never cheer her up. It is depression? School? Family? Friends? I just want to see her happy; my best friend.Pessimistic maybe or just low-self esteem but she’s always so sad it seems to me.When she smiles, it’s like an angel sharing its light with the world.In that baby-doll face and those dark green eyes, mysteries lie within that smile.But she doesn’t. She doesn’t smile and she keeps crying, crying and I can’t help.So I cry too, because her misery and her silence tear at my heart.The only thing that could make me cry more Is if she smiled.

  1. pbhensley says:

    We drag each other down sometimes, don’t we? How hard it must be to continue to befriend and support, when sadness threatens to swallow you both!

  2. Autumn says:

    It’s the things sometimes that go unsaid between two people that matter most. I’m quite envious that you have reached that level of understanding with somebody. It’s a special bond, even if it means sharing in sadness…but when you share in sadness with somebody, you also share in their joy.

    I like this.