Posted: January 31, 2008 by porter08 in Aaron

 “It will only come once, and soon the opportunities, the moments will all just be a slice of your past.” It is hard to believe, but yet it is so true that adolescence only comes once. Not just adolescence, but life in general will only come once as well. That is why we need to embrace everyday and every moment in a day, and live it like it will be our last.  Because there is no promise of tomorrow, and there is no guarantee that we will live to see the next day or even the next hour. Even the dull moments that seem to stretch to eternity and the sad moments should be cherished as well.  The mere fact that we can feel these emotions is a blessing.  So embrace every moment of our irresponsible adolescent lives, cause it will only come once and soon the opportunities, the moments, the dreams will all just be a slice of our past.  

  1. Andréa Santos says:

    I think we just had church! Bravo Deep Thinker!